About Us

MaKr3d is formed by Michael Mayer and Kim Kramer.  (Our company name comes from a combination of our surnames.)  Our goal is to support the incredibly active group of Makers building 3D printers and small CNC machines, by helping to improve the price and availability of the electronic components.

The idea is to focus on existing and proven electronic designs, but to eliminate some of the known small shortcomings and to incorporate good design ideas that came up after the underlying original design was finished. The changes are done carefully with full software compatibility in mind.

The designs are optimized for mass-production. In the end, the ready assembled units shouldn’t be much more expensive than the cost a Maker in Europe would have to pay for the parts of the underlying design alone when ordering in single quantities.

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The people behind this site

Michael Mayer: Founder, Electronics developer and embedded systems programmer

Michael Mayer: Founder, Electronics developer and embedded systems programmer

Kim Kramer, Architect and Designer

Kim Kramer, Marketing

Michael has worked for 14 years as an electronics developer and embedded systems programmer, mostly as a freelancer on various projects.  His most recent position was Development Manager for an electronic manufacturing and development services company in Asia.

Ready to Buy?
MaKr3d products are currently in production and will be available for delivery by the end of the year.

Please contact us at info@makr3d.de if you would like to place your pre-order now.

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