Setting up the Arduino environment for the ATmega1284P and the MaKr Melzi board

For Windows

First get and install the MCP2200 driver from the Microchip website (Direct download link, Version 2013-02-21, 728kB). Please note that at least Windows XP SP3 is required, SP2 and below are known to not work reliable. Ensure that the device is properly detected and installed when you attach the board. Sometimes USB3 ports are problematic. In case of problems try a USB2.0 port instead.

  1. Download and unpack the free Arduino software: Arduino download (approx. 92MB, java required)
  2. Download the mighty1284p additions as a zip file (126kB)
  3. unpack the mighty-1284p files into a new subdirectory in the hardware directory in the arduino folder
  4. quit and restart the Arduino IDE
  5. under Tools/Board choose the “Mighty 1284p 16MHz using Optiboot”
  6. choose the correct virtual serial port at Tools/Serial port
  7. enjoy!

You might want to test your new development setup using one of the Arduino examples. If using the standard Blink example you need the change the LED pin number to 28 to see the result.

Arduino pin mapping

The pin mapping is defined in the file hardware/mighty-1284p/variants/standard/pins_arduino.h. For the Melzi board it results in this mapping:

Arduino pin name port pin Melzi function
D0 PB0 E-Dir
D1 PB1 E-Step
D2 PB2 Z-Dir
D3 PWM PB3 Z-Step
D4 PWM PB4 Fan
D10 PD2 Ext7/RX1/ENC_B
D11 PD3 Ext5/TX1/ENC_A
D12 PWM PD4 Heatbed
D13 PWM PD5 Hotend
D14 PWM PD6 /XYenable
D15 PWM PD7 X-Step
D17 PC1 Ext1/SDA/ /LCD_CS
D18 PC2 TCK/X-Stop
D19 PC3 TMS/Y-Stop
D20 PC4 TDO/Z-Stop
D21 PC5 TDI/X-Dir
D22 PC6 Y-Step
D23 PC7 Y-Dir
D24/A0 PA0 Ext8/SD-SS
D25/A1 PA1 Ext2/LCD_A0
D26/A2 PA2 Ext4/Beep
D27/A3 PA3 Ext6/Backlight
D28/A4 PA4 LED
D29/A5 PA5 /Z-Enable
D30/A6 PA6 BedTemp
D31/A7 PA7 HotendTemp

Futher reading

mighty1284p: Arduino on ATmega1284P

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One comment on “Setting up the Arduino environment for the ATmega1284P and the MaKr Melzi board
  1. Maurizio says:

    Hi, I’m searching a cnc controller by usb and Mach3 or E2mc software compatible. Which software is compatible with MaKr Melzi controller board?

    Best regards.

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