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Flashing a new firmware from the command line with Windows

The Arduino IDE is very easy to use and ensures quick and reliable success in programming embedded applications. But for some tasks it is easier and more straight forward to skip the fancy GUI and access the underlying tools directly.

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Compiling a bootloader for the ATmega1284P

The optiboot bootloader is an optimized version of the old Arduino bootloader. It is used by the Arduino Uno now and for many Arduino-compatible projects. Its main advantage about the original bootloader is the much smaller size of only 512

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Setting up the Arduino environment for the ATmega1284P and the MaKr Melzi board

For Windows First get and install the MCP2200 driver from the Microchip website (Direct download link, Version 2013-02-21, 728kB). Please note that at least Windows XP SP3 is required, SP2 and below are known to not work reliable. Ensure that

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