The MaKr panel with 128x64 pixel and microSD card slot
Backside of the MaKrPanelSchematic of the MaKr panel

MaKrPanel with graphical LCD

The MaKrPanel features a blue graphical LCD with white backlight, a microSD, switch encoder and a buzzer. It can be fitted to most existing 3D printer controller boards.

Product Description

This panel adds a comfortable user interface to the printer hardware to allow for stand-alone printing from a micro-SD card. The PCB matches the mounting holes on the MaKr Melzi board. Using the included screws and spacers the panel and board can be assembled to one compact unit without big cable mess.

The display contrast is fully software-controllable, no need for a contrast adjustment poti. The backlight can be switched on and off using any digital output signal. If connected to a PWM capable output, dimming is possible.

Software support

The popular Marlin firmware already includes support for ST7565-compatible graphical LCDs. Our MaKr Melzi boards are delivered pre-programmed with LCD-enabled Marlin firmware. Software support for Teacup firmware will be published soon.

Electrical connection

The MaKr panel connects very easily to Melzi boards – just plug in the two included cables. Almost all other available controller boards offer compatible signals as well, and in most cases this panel can be fitted to them without any soldering or special tools, just by hand-wiring a custom connection cable. (Detailed how-to for some boards coming soon.)

For connection the panel needs only a connection to 5V, an SPI connection and 8 digital IO-signals: 3 inputs for the switch encoder, two outputs for the LCD controller, one output for the beeper and one output for the backlight. Preferable, this signal should be connected to a PWM capable pin on the CPU to allow for easy backlight dimming, but implementing software-PWM is not hard either.

What’s included:

  • 1 MaKrPanel with graphical LCD, fully-assembled and tested
  • 2 cables for connecting to the controller board, 15cm length, 6 and 10 pole.
  • 4 metal standoffs (M3x30mm) for mounting the panel to the controller board or housing
  • 4 M3 screws and 4 spring washers

Please note that there is no microSD card included. You can use any microSD card that supports SPI mode.


LCD controller ST7565R Datasheet:

Programming tutorial for a similar module:‎. Please note: The adafruit display used in this tutorial has a different page mapping. For use with our module you need to modify the pagemap by editing this line in the file c/stlcd.c:
int pagemap[] = { 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 };

An Arduino library for the DOGM128, another software compatible ST7565R-based display:

Technical Specifications

  • LCD resolution: 128 x 64 pixel
  • Display: white/blue (blue background, active pixels white), black metal frame
  • Visible area of the LCD: 55 x 27.48 mm²
  • Pixel size 0.39x0.39mm²; Total pixel pitch 0.43mm
  • LCD controller: ST7565R, SPI protocol
  • Viewing direction: 12:00
  • Encoder switch with press button, 24 clicks per round
  • Buzzer
  • MicroSD slot
  • 5V/70mA at full backlight brightness plus up to 100mA for the microSD card
  • Connects to the 6-pin Atmel ISP connector and another 8 digital lines
  • Total size: xxx
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to 70°C


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